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Tanzania as a country in Sub Saharan Africa with its education system has gone different changes due to various reasons. The reasons include education system itself, school leadership and education progress since independence. In that case globalization and education is discussed in this paper in order to see how global issues impacts to changes in not only Tanzanian primary education sector but also school leadership development.

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ITIL has become a leading framework in the IT industry in the world. There are a number of top performing companies, across the world, that are now implementing ITIL practices in their organizations. ITIL training has become an essential need for every firm; without which survival is out of question.

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The author of this page is very intelligent and he is giving the new plans for education. New plans of education gives many benefit of students and we should check this video. Like this post is very helpful for teachers and students.

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According to statistics from the House Education & the Workforce Committee a college education is rapidly becoming a fantasy for college-qualified students. Most people are not eager to saddle themselves with huge amounts of debt in the form of student loans just to get a college degree. So what is the answer?

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